Saturday, April 3, 2010

Best Actress 2006- The resolution

5. Helen Mirren in The Queen

- Helen Mirren gives a very good, subtle portrayal of Queen Elizabeth the 2nd, and despite being a little underwhelming, a worthy nominee.

4. Penelope Cruz in Volver

- Cruz gives a well grounded, radiant performance that really shows that she can act. Underrated, but the best of her nominated performances.

3. Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada

-Meryl Streep is able to deliver a nuanced, funny, and layered performance where other actresses could have made it ridiculous. Her best performance this decade for me.

2. Kate Winslet in Little Children

- One of the best actresses of all time shines in the role of Sarah, and is subtle, intimate, real, and believable.

1. Judi Dench in Notes On A Scandal

- Judi Dench gives the best performance of her career and it is a chilling, fascinating, and brilliant portrayal. Simply a superb achievement.


Robert said...

I love reading your performance reviews! I need to see Notes on a Scandal, I've been putting it off for too long, and since Judi is your number one I bet she's great!

joe burns said...

Thank you so much! And see Notes On A Scandal! Who is your pick as of now though?

Robert said...

I definitely will! And right now I think it's probably Winslet, though on some days I'd say's definitely between those two though!

Fritz said...

Great line-up and great reviews! Surprised that Mirren is only fifth.

Louis Morgan said...

An interesting line up, I am unsure of my pick. Good reviews though.

joe burns said...

Fritz: Thanks! And Mirren disappointed me a little, but I still thought she was very good.

Louis Morgan: Thanks! You should do a Best Actress ranking sometime! I might do a Best Actor ranking soon.

Malcolm said...

Pretty stiff year for actresses.

Malcolm said...

I now see why a lot of bloggers place Dame Judi as number one. She was totally fantastic. Manipulative but never one-note.

But still, Streep is my pick.

Kate looks like supporting for me.

Soon to see Mirren.

Don't know where to look for Cruz.

But as of now, a pretty stiff year for actresses. And do you think Blanchett is leading also in Notes?

joe burns said...

Kate is more leading to me, since despite the fact that it is an ensemble film, because it is her character that we begin with and she carries it to it's conclusion. As for Blanchett, I think she's more supporting, but a leading nomination is justified.