Thursday, January 20, 2011

Hey everyone!

Hey, I'm REALLY sorry about the massive delays that are happening on this blog, and they've been happening for a while. But I will have more time soon. I just have a harder school year then I did last year and it's finals week, so I don't have too much time. But 77 will soon be finished and a reviews of some new Oscar contenders, plus predictions about who will be nominated are coming soon....

But how are YOU? Do you have any questions? Anything you won't talk about? I'd love to have a conversation on here, it doesn't matter if there are like 30 comments on here. In fact the more the better!

By the way, you know how on facebook where you can send messages to other users? Is there something like that on blogger? Please tell me!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Golden Globe predictions

Since the Golden Globes are today, I've decided to makke my prdictions:

Best Motion Picture Drama: I'll predict The Social Network since after winning the BFCA on Friday, it has all the momentum. But I wouldn't be surprised at all if The King's Speech surprises, given the Globe's love it, or perhaps The Fighter could pull a surprise upset. But I'll stick with The Social Network...

Will Win: The Social Network

Should win: The King's Speech (Though the only other one I have seen out of these is Black Swan)

Best Motion Picture musical or comedy: I'll say The Kids Are All Right, but who knows? This is an odd category to predikct.

Will Win: The Kids Are All Right

Should win: Burlesque (I've seen both Burlesque and The Kids Are All Right, and I thought Burlesque was indeed better)

Best Director: I'm confident David Fincher will win, Tom Hooper and David O. Russel lack buzz, and Fincher is overdue.

Will Win: David Fincher

Should win: Darren Arfonsky

Best Actor in a motion Picture Drama: Collin Firth certainly, I'm pretty sure.

Will Win: Collin Firth

Should win: Collin Firth (Haven't seen the others).

Best Actor in a muusical or Comedy: Gee, this is hard, I'll say Kevin Spacey. This category has gone to WTF places in the past couple years, and I just read he never won the globe.

Will Win: Spacey

Should win: Haven't seen any

Best Actress in a Motion Picture Drama: Natalie should be winning here, and if she does then her frontrunner status is assured. But I think Nicole Kidman has a really good chance at surprising, though it might seem unlikely. The globes love her, and she hasn't been in the spotlight in a long time. But Portman will probably win.

Will Win: Natalie Portman

Should win: Nicole Kidman

Best Actress in a musial or comedy:

Will win: Annete is said to be a sure thing, and I think she'll still win, but if she loses, her chance of winning is unlikely. She's lost a lot of momentum to Natalie, and she'll need a win here, and a good speech to get her chances of winning up. Who's the spoiler? Julianne could win, but it's not likely. My hope is that Emma Stone will surprise, and I think she might have a shot, but I think Annnete will triumph.
Will Win: Annete Benning

Should Win: Emma Stone:

Best Screenplay: The Social Network is the frontrunner, but The King's Speech could win as well. But the globes usually go with Adapted Screen[plays here.

Will Win: The Social Network

Should win: The King's Speech

Your thoughts?

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Best Actress 1977: Diane Keaton in Annie Hall

Diane Keaton received her first Oscar nomination and won for playing Annie Hall in Annie Hall. Annie meets Alvy Singer (Woody Allen), a neurotic-comedian who she falls for. They begin a beautiful, funny romance that might not work out in the end, but it is truly wonderful to watch.

Annie Hall has always been a favorite of mine, I just love the way it's directed, and written. The screenplay is golden, though Woody's character is pretty insufferable, which is the one problem I have with the movie, but more on that later. Diane Keatoin plays Annie, an odd, sort of social outcast young woman who meets Alvy on a sort of double-date with her friend and his friend. In the beginning, Diane Keaton is simply wonderful. She's natural, luminous, funny, and a joy to watch. She shows us Annie's fears, her passions, her shyness at first., her hope that Alvy might be the right guy. Her delivery is perfect, and she's just so real here. This performance has many great moments, her la de da, the scene in they're apartment, her singing, which is lovely. Diane Keaton also develops the character wonderfully too. She starts to let the audience see that she is starting to realize they're relationship won't work out because Alvy simply cannot change. Annie starts becoming more comfortable around people, and starts to try new things, and become her own person, and Diane nails all of this. Her break-up scene with Alvy might be a bit calculated, but Diane still plays it perfectly. THe chemistry between them is fantastic.

But one problem might be that although Diane does a great job developing the character, I think she could have been given a bit more to do. I think the film focuses too much on Alvy, and they should have given Keaton a little more to do too. But this is only a minor complaint because Diane Keaton still delievers a beautiful, natural, enjoyable performance that gets