Thursday, January 20, 2011

Hey everyone!

Hey, I'm REALLY sorry about the massive delays that are happening on this blog, and they've been happening for a while. But I will have more time soon. I just have a harder school year then I did last year and it's finals week, so I don't have too much time. But 77 will soon be finished and a reviews of some new Oscar contenders, plus predictions about who will be nominated are coming soon....

But how are YOU? Do you have any questions? Anything you won't talk about? I'd love to have a conversation on here, it doesn't matter if there are like 30 comments on here. In fact the more the better!

By the way, you know how on facebook where you can send messages to other users? Is there something like that on blogger? Please tell me!


Fritz said...

It feels good to know that I am not the only one who is very busy with his studies! :-)
Good luck for everything you're doing!

Brandon (Twister) said...

Hey Joe, we should all do some some sort of joint-Oscar thing on our blogs for this upcoming ceremony. I'm not sure what, but just something that we can all do together.