Sunday, January 16, 2011

Golden Globe predictions

Since the Golden Globes are today, I've decided to makke my prdictions:

Best Motion Picture Drama: I'll predict The Social Network since after winning the BFCA on Friday, it has all the momentum. But I wouldn't be surprised at all if The King's Speech surprises, given the Globe's love it, or perhaps The Fighter could pull a surprise upset. But I'll stick with The Social Network...

Will Win: The Social Network

Should win: The King's Speech (Though the only other one I have seen out of these is Black Swan)

Best Motion Picture musical or comedy: I'll say The Kids Are All Right, but who knows? This is an odd category to predikct.

Will Win: The Kids Are All Right

Should win: Burlesque (I've seen both Burlesque and The Kids Are All Right, and I thought Burlesque was indeed better)

Best Director: I'm confident David Fincher will win, Tom Hooper and David O. Russel lack buzz, and Fincher is overdue.

Will Win: David Fincher

Should win: Darren Arfonsky

Best Actor in a motion Picture Drama: Collin Firth certainly, I'm pretty sure.

Will Win: Collin Firth

Should win: Collin Firth (Haven't seen the others).

Best Actor in a muusical or Comedy: Gee, this is hard, I'll say Kevin Spacey. This category has gone to WTF places in the past couple years, and I just read he never won the globe.

Will Win: Spacey

Should win: Haven't seen any

Best Actress in a Motion Picture Drama: Natalie should be winning here, and if she does then her frontrunner status is assured. But I think Nicole Kidman has a really good chance at surprising, though it might seem unlikely. The globes love her, and she hasn't been in the spotlight in a long time. But Portman will probably win.

Will Win: Natalie Portman

Should win: Nicole Kidman

Best Actress in a musial or comedy:

Will win: Annete is said to be a sure thing, and I think she'll still win, but if she loses, her chance of winning is unlikely. She's lost a lot of momentum to Natalie, and she'll need a win here, and a good speech to get her chances of winning up. Who's the spoiler? Julianne could win, but it's not likely. My hope is that Emma Stone will surprise, and I think she might have a shot, but I think Annnete will triumph.
Will Win: Annete Benning

Should Win: Emma Stone:

Best Screenplay: The Social Network is the frontrunner, but The King's Speech could win as well. But the globes usually go with Adapted Screen[plays here.

Will Win: The Social Network

Should win: The King's Speech

Your thoughts?


Louis Morgan said...

I think your predictions may all be correct, I would say picture could be something else as you said. I think the hardest film category to predict may be comedy/musical actor especially considering last year's winner.

joe burns said...

Best Motion Picture Drama definetely could go to something else, but I'll say The Social Network is a sure bet.

Louis Morgan said...

I noticed on Sage's Blog you wanted a way to see Wild is the Wind, it is on Netflix, for instant viewing.

joe burns said...

Thanks so much!!!!!