Thursday, April 29, 2010

Best Actress 1974: Diahann Carol in Claudine

Diahaan Carol received her first Oscar nomination for playing Claudine, an African-American woman who is a single mother, raising six kids and she meets a man named Rupert (James Earl Jones) , who she falls in love and he falls in love with her and he bonds with her kids. First of all, Claudine is an awful movie in my opinion. It's cliched, boring, and the ending just makes no sense. But amazingly, Diahann Carol's performance is never brought down by the horrible material. She is always real and believable as Claudine and she makes the film watchable, whenever she's on screen. Her scenes with James Earl Jones have a beautiful intimacy to them and I thought she did a fantastic job in the scenes with her children, especially the ones with her oldest son and the ones her older daughter. The performance certainly grew on me through out the film and and it's a really impressive achievement. So, a very strong performance that makes the film worth watching, which gets


Sage Slowdive said...

Very glad you liked her :)

I didn't think the movie was that bad though.

Louis Morgan said...

Doesn't sound like I am going to watch this film, if it is bad as you say, but nice write up.

joe burns said...

Sage: I just thought it was very boring, with her performance being the life of it.

Louis: It's not excrutiatingly bad , and it's worth watching for Carol's performance, but as I said I did not find it interesting.

Twister said...

Nice job, Joe!

Her performance does sound interesting...thanks to you!

joe burns said...

Thanks! I'll give you a link if you want.