Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Best Actress 2002: Salma Hayek in Frida

Salma Hayek received her 1st Oscar nomination for playing famous artist Frida Kahlo in Frida. The film is about her relationship with her husband and how her constant physicals pains (Which mostly came from a bus accident when she was a child) affect both her life and relationship. First of all, Frida is a terrible film, in my opinion. It doesn't delve deep enough into their relationship or their career's as artists. I also find it to be badly directed. Salma Hayek is unable to save this. Her performance felt like an imitation of Frida Kahlo, and even worse then that, a failed one, since I never the Frida Kahlo that I pictured her as. Instead, I saw a hollywoodized, caricature that is very one note. That said, there are some good moments in this performance. Her early scenes are actually quite good and the scene when her husband is asking her to remarry him is a very well done scene by her. But can this save the rest of the performance? No. So, overall a failed performance in an awful film which gets


Louis Morgan said...

Sounds kind of like Will Smith in Ali.

Nigel said...

hmmm. I gave this film the benefit of the doubt actually.

Overall, it was a bad film yes. But Alfred Molina and Ashly Judd were in their prime. And if that doesn't get a resounding, "yes" then maybe I'm just dreaming.

I do think Hayek could have done better. I don't think she did terribly, I just feel as if she could have definitely been more organic and original instead of just giving us empty mimicry.

joe burns said...

Louis Morgan: I haven't seen Smith yet.

Nigel: Who did Ashly Judd play? And I thought Molina was okay, nothing great.

Nigel said...

She played her sister. IMDB it.

joe burns said...

Oh, I thought she was good. Better then Molina and Hayek.