Sunday, February 14, 2010

My new favorite Best Supporting Actress nominees

I'm combining both of the posts I did before and adding some new nominees in as well and giving my ratings for all of them. So here we go:

1939: Olivia Dehavilland in Gone With The Wind: 4,5/5
1940: Judith Anderson in Rebecca: 5/5
1945: Anne Blyth in Mildred Pierce: 4/5
1945: Eve Arden in Mildred Pierce: 3,5/5
1950: Hope Emerson in Caged: 4,5/5
1950: Thelma Ritter in All About Eve: 4/5/5
1950: Celeste Holm in All About Eve: 3,5/5
1952: Jean Hagen in Singing In The Rain: 4/5/5
1969: Catherine Burns in Last Summer: 4/5
1971: Ellen Burstyn in The Last Picture Show: 5/5
1975: Ronee Blakely in Nashville: 4,5/5
1976: Piper Laurie in Carrie: 4/5
1979: Mariel Hemmingway in Manhattan: 4/5
1982: Terri Gar in Tootsie: 4,5/5
1985: Margaret Avery in The Color Purple: 4/5
1988: Frances Mcdormand in Mississippi Burning: 4/5
1988: Signourney Weaver in Working Girl: 4/5
1994: Jennifer Tilly in Bullets Over Broadway: 4,5/5
1994: Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction: 3,5/5
1995: Mare Winningham in Georgia: 4,5/5
1995: Joan Allen in Nixon: 4,5/5
1995: Kate Winslet in Sense And Sensibility: 4/5
1996: Marianne Jean-Baptise in Secrets And Lies: 4,5/5
1996: Joan Allen in The Crucible: 4/5
1997: Julianne Moore in Boogie Nights: 5/5
1997: Joan Cusack in In & Out: 5/5
1997: Gloria Stuart in Titanic: 4/5
1999: Chloe Sevigny in Boys Don't Cry: 5/5
1999: Catherine Keener in Being John Malkovich: 4,5/5
2000: Frances Mcdormand in Almost Famous: 4,5/5
2000: Kate Hudson in Almost Famous: 4,5/5
2001: Marisa Tomei in In The Bedroom: 5/5
2001: Kate Winslet in Iris: 4,5/5
2003: Holly Hunter in Thirteen: 5/5
2003: Shoreh Aghdashloo in House Of Sand And Fog: 5/5
2003: Patricia Clarkson in Pieces Of April: 4,5/5
2003: Marcia Gay-Harden in Mystic River: 3,5/5
2004: Virginia Madsen in Sideways: 5/5
2005: Amy Adams in Junebug: 5/5

2006: Rinko Kikuchi in Babel: 5/5
2006: Cate Blanchett in Notes On A Scandal: 5/5
2006: Adrianna Barazza in Babel: 4/5
2007: Amy Ryan in Gone,Baby Gone: 5/5
2008: Marisa Tomei in The Wrestler: 5/5
2008: Amy Adams in Doubt: 5/5
2008: Viola Davis in Doubt: 4/5

So, what do you think? Any nominees you didn't like? Any ones you want to see on here?


Anonymous said...

Great again!

You need to see Carolyn Jones in The Bachelor Party, which is already uploaded on my channel :)

joe burns said...

I watched it already! I think it was good, but maybe I should see the entire film to see how good she is. Or I should just re-watch it on your channel.

Anonymous said...

Well her part is only 8 minutes long, so have at it lol.

Another great nominee of mine is Eileen Heckart in The Bad Seed.

joe burns said...

Oh, she almost made it in! But I sort of want to see the whole movie before adding her. I can't wait to see your thoughts on the 1956 Supporting Actress race!

Twister said...

Joe, you saw Nashville! How great was Ronee - one of the best nominees EVER!

I really like your picks and we are we do share many favorites!

Also, nice to see that you to are a Chloe fan!

joe burns said...

I completely agree! Ronee was breathtaking! And Chloe was great too! Glad that you liked the list! I hope you make one!

Twister said...

I will do a list soon, and look out for a performance review on Julianne Moore in Boogie Nights!

Anonymous said...

You should see May Whitty in Night Must Fall too. She's great!

By the way, I uploaded Lotte Lenya and Joan Hackett's performances, have you seen them yet?

joe burns said...

Twister: Can't wait!

Sage: I'll watch both hopefully soon.

Anonymous said...

I hope you catch up on your supporting performances :)

joe burns said...

Sage: Ha ha, yeah, I'm behind. I might do a ranking after I do Best Actress, but I'm in no rush. I'll start watching them again next week. I'm going to finish the 70's first so I'm gonna start with Women In Love.

Anonymous said...

Well, remember my channel, where you can watch all of them :)

Nigel said...

Shit. You just reminded me that I owe Jennifer Connelly a viewing. I have NEVER seen "House of Sand & Fog." Its just one of those things that slipped by.

joe burns said...

Nigel: She is alright. It's really Aghdashloo and Kingsley that deliver.

Nigel said...
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Nigel said...

She's always just "alright."-----it's her subtelity...sometimes it works for the best (A Beautiful Mind) and the worst (Little Children). She's a very tricky actress.

But yea I will watch out for Mama Aghdashloo and her dying, tobacco-wrought voice lol. Plus I'm a huge fan of Kingsley so I will keep an eye on him as well.

I forgot to say I'm feeling this line-up btw. Nice to see Madsen and home-girl Jennifer Tilly!

Alex in Movieland said...

Where do you even start with such a list?! :)

I know Mo'Nique is gonna be there, that's sure.

joe burns said...

Nigel: I didn't care for her in A Beautiful Mind,but I actually liked her in Little Children. Did you like her in Requiem For A Dream? And yes, I love both Tilly and Madsen!

Alex: You should make a list like this and for Best Actress.

Alex in Movieland said...

no, no :)

I wouldn't make a list like this unless I've seen at least 90-95% of the nominees