Thursday, February 4, 2010

Katharine Hepburn in Guess Who's Coming To Dinner?

Let's just get this out of the way. I refuse to rewatch G.W.C.T.D? since I saw it recently and I don't think I could stand another viewing of it. So, here we go: Hepburn plays Christina Drayton who is happily married to Matt Drayton(Spencer Tracy) and has a daughter named Joanna (Katherine Laughton in a terrible performance. Christina finds out that her daughter is engaged to a black man named Dr. John Prentice. Christina and her husband are both incredibly surprised and the rest of the film is about how they plan to deal with this issue. To put it simply, G.W.C.T.D? is just a terrible film. It is hasn't aged well at all and it feels so overbearing and plodding. And, unfortunately, the role of Christina Drayton is a horribly underwritten, thin role. While Kate isn't bad, the problem with her performance is that her performance never feels like a real person. Just more of a supportive character and , acting-wise, feels like a backup to Tracy's performance. That said, Hepburn has two good scenes (Don't speak, Hilary! Just go! and the confrontation scene in the bathroom with her and Tracy), but, still, there is no depth to her character in those scenes either. So, overall, it isn't flat out horrible, but nowhere near Oscar caliber. Grade: Half a star. Your thoughts?


Anonymous said...

THANK YOU, for calling out Katherine Houghton. I kept thinking why would Sidney Poitier even want her while I was watching the movie LOL.

Anyways, I agree. It's not flat out horrible, just nothing amazing.

joe burns said...

Dame Edith Evans will come next. I'm looking forward to her performance.

Anonymous said...

Yes it's brilliant!

Fritz said...

I agree that Kate is not Oscar-worthy but I still like her and I also really like the movie. Yes, Houghton was bad but I still enjoy to see the movie from time to time.

Celso said...

Couldn't agree more!

joe burns said...

Fritz: It was alright in the beginning, but it just got worse for me.

Celso: Who's your pick for this year?

Twister said...

This was an excellent year:

Sexy Bancroft

Devious Dunaway


Horrified Hepburn (Audrey)

My pick is still in between those three!