Friday, February 26, 2010

82nd Oscar predictions

Best Picture: The Hurt Locker

Avatar could win, but I think that The Hurt Locker will walk away with this one. Inglorious Bastards has a slight chance, but probably won't pull off a win. Precious and Up In The Air are the also-rans in the Top 5 contenders, and the other nominees have no chance.

Best Director: Kathyrn Bigelow

James Cameron has a good shot at winning, but Bigelow will probably take this home. Yay! I haven't seen it yet, but it'll great to see a female director finally honored.

Best Actor: Jeff Bridges

He pretty much has this in the bag. In my opinion, he was good, but not as good as people say. I was much more impressed by Colin Firth's performance and I hope he can pull off an upset.

Best Actress: Sandra Bullock
This is the only exciting category of the year. Let's do it by process of elimination. Mirren is out of the running, Sidibe could surprise, but it's unlikely since she hasn't won anything big. Mulligan has the critic's on her side, plus the BAFTA which helps, but I think she's lost too much momentum. Meryl has the sentiment factor and it is a very possible winner, but I think we all know what will happen. Sandra Bullock will be winning this year. With the SAG, Golden Globe, and the Critic's choice (Tied with Meryl). Plus, she's a popular actor and the film managed to get a surprise Best Picture nomination, which puts her over the edge.

Best Supporting Actor: Christopher Waltz

A lock. Moving on.........

Best Supporting Actress: Monique

It seems as if the backlash (Wasn't much of a big one really), has faded away and looks like Monique is a shoo-in this year. Some are saying Gyllenhaal could pull off an upset (I'll break the T.V if she does), but no.

Best Original Screenplay: Inglorious Bastards

A tough one. It could easily go to The Hurt Locker, but I think that the Academy will go with Tarantino here.

Best Adapted Screenplay: Up In The Air

A close to a sure thing. It's only competition is Precious, but I think that this is the way they will honor Up In The Air.

So, what are your predictions? Do you think any upsets will happen?


Anonymous said...

Gabby just won the NAACP award! Not that that matters, but at least she won something!

joe burns said...

Yay! Hopefully, she'll be able to win,but I think that it's unlikely. Who do you think will win Best Original Screenplay?

Anonymous said...

She will probably win the Spirit award too.

Hopefully Hurt Locker.

joe burns said...

Yeah,the Spirit Award is hers. I think Inglorious Bastards will win,but The Hurt Locker has a good chance though.

Anonymous said...

Basterds was some what of a remake, so I have no idea why it's in original screenplay.