Thursday, February 4, 2010

Best Actress winners of the 1950's

10. Ingrid Bergman in Anastasia: 0/5

9. Judy Holiday in Born Yesterday: 2/5

8. Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday: 2 and a half/5

7. Shirley Booth in Come Back Little Sheba: 4,5/5

6. Simone Signoret in A Room At The Top: 4, 5/5

5. Grace Kelly in The Country Girl: 4, 5/5

4. Joanne Woodward in The Three Faces Of Eve: 4,5/5

3. Anna Magnani in The Rose Tattoo: 5/5

2. Susan Hayward in I Want To Live!: 5/5

1. Vivien Leigh in A Streetcar Named Desire : 5/5

So, how would you rank them? Any winners who you think are rated/ranked too high or too low?


Anonymous said...

Oh, this is easy:

10.Ingrid Bergman
9. Judy Holliday
8. Audrey Hepburn
7. Grace Kelly
6. Joanne Woodward
5. Susan Hayward
4. Shirley Booth
3. Simone Signoret
2. Anna Magnani
1. Vivien Leigh

Magnificent group, besides the last 3.

joe burns said...

I totally agree there! Bergman simply failed completely, Holliday was okay, but flawed, and Hepburn was underwhelming, but not bad. Could you post your ranking of the 70's Best Actress winners?

Fritz said...

10. Ingrid Bergman, Anastasia (3,5/5)

09. Audrey Hepburn, Roman Holiday (3,5/5)

08. Susan Hayward, I want to live! (4/5)

07. Joanne Woodward, The three Faces of Eve (4/5)

06. Grace Kelly, The Country Girl (4/5)

05. Anna Magnani, The Rose Tattoo (4/5)

04. Simone Signoret, Room at the Top (4/5)

03. Shirley Booth, Come back, little Sheba (4,5/5)

02. Judy Holliday, Born Yesterday (5/5)

01. Vivien Leigh, A Streetcar named Desire (5/5)

Anonymous said...

Have you finished the 70s yet?


10.Louise Fletcher
9. Diane Keaton
8. Jane Fonda - Coming Home
7. Glenda Jackson - Class
6. Faye Dunaway
5. Jane Fonda - Klute
4. Glenda Jackson - Women
3. Liza Minnelli
2. Ellen Burstyn
1. Sally Field

Fritz said...

Can I join?

10. Jane Fonda, Coming Home (3/5)

09. Ellen Burstyn, Alice doesn't live here anymore (3,5/5)

08. Jane Fonda, Klute (3,5/5)

07. Glenda Jackson, Women in Love (4/5)

06. Faye Dunaway, Network (4/5)

05. Glenda Jackson, A Touch of Class (4/5)

04. Liza Minelli, Cabaret (4,5/5)

03. Louise Fletcher, One flew over the Cuckoo's Nest (4,5/5)

02. Diane Keaton, Annie Hall (5/5)

01. Sally Field, Norma Rae (5/5)

Anonymous said...

lol, we're almost complete opposites in the 70s Fritz.

Fritz said...

lol, yeah, I noticed that, too.

Ellen, Diane and Louise are certainly different for us!

joe burns said...

I haven't finished the 70's yet. But I'll just post my 90's ranking soon. I still have yet to see Fonda (Coming Home), Glenda Jackson (For both of her movies), and Louise Fletcher. How about for the 80's, Sage? Fritz?

Fritz said...


10. Cher, Moonstruck (3,5/5)

09. Sally Field, Places in the Heart (4/5)

08. Katharine Hepburn, On Golden Pond (4(5)

07. Jodie Foster, The Accused (4(5)

06. Shirley MacLaine, Terms of Endearment (4/5)

05. Marlee Matlin, Children of a Lesser God (4/5)

04. Jessica Tandy, Driving Miss Daisy (4,5/5)

03. Geraldine Page, The Trip to Bountiful (5/5)

02. Sissy Spacek, Coal Miner's Daughter (5/5)

01. Meryl Streep, Sophie's Choice (5/5)

Anonymous said...

80s is rather weak:

10.Katharine Hepburn
9. Sally Field
8. Shirley MacLaine
7. Jessica Tandy
6. Cher
5. Jodie Foster
4. Marlee Matlin
3. Sissy Spacek
2. Geraldine Page
1. Meryl Streep

Anonymous said...

I'd be rather interested in hearing Fritz's ranking for the 2000s winners, since it's my pick for worst in terms of winners.

Here's mine (and I'll go ahead and include Bullock):

10.Reese Witherspoon
9. Julia Roberts
8. Sandra Bullock
7. Marion Cotillard
6. Nicole Kidman
5. Hilary Swank
4. Kate Winslet
3. Helen Mirren
2. Halle Berry
1. Charlize Theron

Fritz said...

I haven't seen Bullock yet but when I look at my ranking and determine the average score for each decade, then the years 00-08 are the best decade yet for me.

09. Reese Witherspoon, Walk the Line (3,5/5)

08. Halle Berry, Monster's Ball (4/5)

07. Nicole Kidman, The Hours (4/5)

06. Kate Winslet, The Reader (4/5)

05. Julia Roberts, Erin Brockovich (4(5)

04. Helen Mirren, The Queen(4,5/5)

03. Hilary Swank, Million Dollar Baby (4,5/5)

02. Charlize Theron, Monster (5/5)

01. Marion Cotillard, La vie en rose (5/5)

Anonymous said...

Oh goodness, well we defintly disagree then if you think this was the best decade lol.

I'd say the 60s were the best decade for me.

Fritz said...

The years 00-08 profit from the fact that I don't think there was a really bad winner.
The 60s have the problem that for each fantastic winner is a rather poor choice to bring the average score down again.

Anonymous said...

My problem is, past Helen Mirren (who is only #3), the rest of them are either bland or borderline terrible. And the 60s, once you get past Hepburn 67, Liz 60, and Julie 64, I really like the rest of the winners and they get a pretty good placement in my overall ranking.

Anonymous said...

By the way Fritz, would you like a link to watch The Blind Side?

joe burns said...

Sage: Hmm, well, the only two winners from the 60's that I didn't like were Taylor (60) and Hepburn (67). And I don't really mind Andrew's win.But the rest I really liked! Probably better then the 50's. Can you rank the 90's?

Fritz: I'm surprised that Field got four out of five. I'm not sure what I'll give her when I finish the 80's. Can you do the 90's as well?

Anonymous said...

What's your ranking of the 2000s Joe?


10.Frances McDormand
9. Gwyneth Paltrow
8. Helen Hunt
7. Emma Thompson
6. Kathy Bates
5. Jessica Lange
4. Susan Sarandon
3. Jodie Foster
2. Holly Hunter
1. Hilary Swank

joe burns said...

I have yet to see Theron, but here's how I would rank them so far and I'll just add Bullock for the hell of it:

9. Berry

8. Swank

7. Bullock

6. Kidman

5. Cotillard

4. Mirren

3. Witherspoon

2. Roberts

1. Winslet

I think I should see Witherspoon and Berry again though. And I can't wait to see Theron of course.

Anonymous said...

Do you agree with all the wins or is this kind of like a bad set of winners to you lol?

joe burns said...

Oh no, only Winslet is my pick. I don't mind Mirren and Witherspoon's wins, but Swank (Winslet all the way for me), Cotillard (Page gets my vote), Roberts (Liked her, but Burstyn and Linney were better), Berry (Disappointed by her and would have picked Kidman), Kidman( Julianne was robbed!)are not my picks for any of those years. If Bullock wins, I'll be saying that Sidibe should have won.

Anonymous said...

That's my feeling...I only agree with Charlize and Halle's wins.

Nigel said...

Sage, if you think Julia Roberts' work in "Erin Brokovich" was bad, what about "Closer?"

Just evaluate her role independently, without bouncing it off against other characters of the movie.

Fritz said...

@Joe: Well, Sally doesn't have much to do but I think it's a lovely and beautiful performance!

@Sage: YES, a link would be great!!! :-)

Okay, the 90s:

10. Jessica Lange, Blue Sky (2,5/5)

09. Gwyneth Paltrow, Shakespeare in Love (4/5)

08. Helen Hunt, As Good as it Gets(4/5)

07. Kathy Bates, Misery (4/5)

06. Emma Thompson, Howards End (4,5/5)

05. Susan Sarandon, Dead Man Walking (4,5/5)

04. Frances McDormand, Fargo (4,5/5)

03. Jodie Foster, The Silence of the Lambs (4,5/5)

02. Holly Hunter, The Piano (5/5)

01. Hilary Swank, Boys don't cry (5/5)

A fantastic decade. If it wasn't for Jessica Lange, then this decade would be my number 1!

Anonymous said...

Nigel, I see you're trying to make me look incompetent, well sweetie, I've never liked Julia Roberts in a movie, and she is often overshadowed by other people in her films for me.

Anonymous said...

Here's the link! I will warn you Fritz, the movie is TERRIBLE, so watch at your own risk ;D

Nigel Maruva Chikukwa said...

It was just an honest question actually. I don't just go out to around starting wars. Take my word for that. If you knew me personally, you would realize that. I already moved on from that Bullock-madness, its not a big deal. I'd rather worry about my rent than that lol...And I was never really offended; if I was then I wouldn't be following your blog as well would I now?

I was actually hoping you'd like it because most people (I've met) who loath Roberts tolerate her in "Closer."

Nigel Maruva Chikukwa said...

I don't just go around*

Nigel Maruva Chikukwa said...
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Nigel Maruva Chikukwa said...

"Just evaluate her role independently, without bouncing it off against other characters of the movie."

Sage, did that part of my comment feel like an attack? If it did then it shouldn't. The reason why I said that is because I agree she was over-shadowed in "Closer." I know it was the "Clive Owen Show" with frequent cameos by Natalie Portman...But when I looked at Julia independently, I liked her performance, though subtle.

I really have nothing against you, so you shouldn't have a reason to think that anything I say to you in the future is an attempt to "make you look incompetent." I don't doubt your intelligence at all, I just feel like you should calm down just a little It's all good, at least on my end.