Friday, October 16, 2009

Recall The Gold: Did Tilda Swinton Deserve her oscar?

The 2007 Best Supporting Actress race was the most unpredictable category of the night at the 80th Annual Academy Awards. All of the nominees (with the exception of Saorise Ronan) all were predicted to win and in the end Tilda Swinton managed to pull off a surprise (to most people anyway) win for her bravura performance as a nerve wracked corporate business woman who orders her head lawyer killed in Michael Clayton. Swinton was a longshot for most of the oscar season, but after her upset win at the baftas and the fact that Michael Clayton was probably going to go empty handed on oscar night led some award pundits to predict her win. That said, it's understandable that she was considered a dark horse given her fierce competition. Cate Blanchett had won the golden globe and several critics awards for her genderbending performance as Bob Dylan in I'm Not There. However, having honored Blanchett for The Aviator so recently I don't think voters were inclined to give her another oscar so soon. Amy Ryan (Gone Baby Gone)had won the most critics awards (15 in total) and looked like a sure thing but her globe loss to Blanchett and her SAG loss to Dee hurt her chances. Ruby Dee was the sentimental favorite and had managed to beat out early frontrunners Blanchett and Ryan. But the performance was still incredibly brief and the fact that American Gangster didn't get any other major nominations didn't help either. The only person out of the running was 13 year old Saorise Ronan whose character was probably too unlikeable and that child performances are usually undeservedly scorned probably kept her from a win. So, readers do you think that Swinton still deserves her oscar? Comment!


Twister said...

Swinton FULLY deserved her prize. Her performance is the best of this category in recent years. It is fresh, unique, and frighteningly human work that it is always compelling and shocking to view.

In fact, Tilda is my third favorite winner of all time.

Tom said...

Yes! Keep the Oscar!

joe burns said...

I would have voted for Ryan, but Swinton was remarkable. Saorise Ronan would have been deserving as well.