Friday, December 24, 2010

True Grit and Winter's Bone reviews

True Grit: I didn't really expect much from this movie and I actually thought it was alright. Well made, and entertaining, but nothing Oscar-worthy, and it had a ridiculous story towards the end. Jeff Bridges was okay, but all he really did was mumble and act tough. He had some pretty good moments, but as I say, this isn't oscar-worthy. Matt Damon was actually funny and entertaining, a nomination for him would be deserved. It's pretty ridiculous though, that Hailee Steinfeld is being campaigned in Supporting, she's in every scene, basically! But her performance wasn't that great, it feels annoying, and she only excels in the last 20 minutes or so. So, an entertaining film that is worth a see, just nothing amazing.

Winter's Bone: This is a movie I was really looking forward to. It's about a girl (Jeniffer Lawrence) who's father goes missing, and she has to find him, either dead (Preferably) or alive. This movie and Frozen River have a lot a lot in common. They are both about people living at the edges of society and have to use they're bravery to make things better. They're also pretty realistic in how they're made. But I personally prefered Frozen River because the heroine is more likable and I got a lot more out of the story then this one. As I've said, it's pretty real and well made/written, but I really didn't get anything out of the story. Jeniffer Lawrence was okay, in fact, very good in a lot of scenes, but she's also pretty bad in others, with her sassy attitude, plus her rather wearing accent. I plan on re-watching some of her key scenes though, ones I thought were good, but I could see the acting in them. I think John Hawkes was really good though. He should be nominated. A good effort, but it just never really affected me.

Have you seen either of these? If you have, tell me your thoughts!

And unfortunately, I can't do a B.A 1977 profile in a while, because I want to save Diane for later, and the library's closed for the hollidays, so I can't check out Julia or The Turning Point yet.


Tom said...

I saw True Grit. Hailee was Ok. Most of the the time it seemed like she was just reciting memorized lines. PS I'm still pulling for Marsha to win. :)

Anonymous said...

I really liked True Grit and absolutely loved Winter's Bone. Both Hailee and Jennifer Lawrence make my lead actress 2010 ballot – I thought they were astonishing.

joe burns said...

Tom: You're right on True Grit! She really did nothing..

Hey Deanie: We agree to disagree! But I can see why Lawrence is getting a lot of acclaim, she did have some very good moments, but I just was missing something.

dinasztie said...

Hmmm. I don't know. I'm really interested in both, but I will watch them later.

Alex in Movieland said...

I haven't seen True Grit yet.

But I did see Winter's Bone a couple of months ago and for the most of it I enjoyed it and found it very watchable. I myself compared it to Frozen River, except for the fact that I hated the way Frozen River was shot and how ridiculous some of the supporting actors were playing and the cheap production values.

at least Winter's has a bit of visual style. The film IS becoming a bit overrated, especially Jennifer's performance.

joe burns said...

I really liked Frozen River, so I disagree there, but I really agree with you Lawrence. Her performance just wasn't that great.

Louis Morgan said...
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