Saturday, December 11, 2010

Best Actress 1977

The next year I'll be doing a ranking/profile on is 1977 and the nominees were:

Anne Bancroft in The Turning Point

Jane Fonda in Julia

Diane Keaton in Annie Hall

Shirley Maclaine in The Turning Point

Marsha Mason in The Goodbye Girl

So, who do you predict? Who are you rooting for?

What Oscar stuff is on your mind now?


Anonymous said...

Let's hope this one sticks --- Diane Keaton.

Fritz said...

Very interesting and it's nice to see you back! I think you will go with Diane!
Do you maybe have a link to The Turning Point?

Louis Morgan said...

I think I would actually go with Mason but I will predict
1. Keaton
2. Fonda
3. Mason
4. Maclaine
5. Bancroft

dinasztie said...

I won't tell my pick, because I'm starting the next year with this year probably. I think Keaton gets your vote.
I agree with Louis on your ranking probably.

dinasztie said...

I have been thinking lately and I think that Annette Bening might just win after all this year, though picking Natalie seems more logical.
Against Natalie:
1)Nobody denied that Rourke would win (deservedly) two years ago in an Aronofsky movie. Let's face it, he's a jinx for actors. Ellen, Mickey, Marisa... Natalie?
2)Bening is an Academy Governor. Not giving her the Oscar would be like the French Revolution, killing the king and everything.
3)Lawrence cannot win the Oscar, but if she sweeps the critics' awards she takes the stream away from Natalie and then Annette is a sure thing.
4)Annette Bening has many friends. She did not win in 2004 since Eastwood had more friends.
5)Natalie is not even 30. But that may not matter (Theron, Witherspoon YUCK).

My logic says Annette, but somehow I still feel that Natalie wins.

OR a crazy storyline, which is possible (Jane Fonda 1978): Kidman gets a "We forgive you!" Oscar (but forgive for what???)

Anonymous said...

I hope Diane (one of the best wins ever!) or Jane wins!

joe burns said...

Sage: I'll do my best to finish it!

Fritz: Thanks! I'll try to find a link to it.

Louis: We'll see....

joe burns said...

Dinasztie: I just don't see Benning becoming a sure-thing to win this year. Sure, she's overdue, but in my opinion, it was a really one-dimensional performance, that just wasn't very special. Portman is a possibility, but her film needs to be nominated in the other major categories for that to happen, plus she needs to gain momentum. I doubt Lawrence will win, but she could pull off a surprise and interesting thought about Kidman, Maybe, but I think Lesley Manville might become the dark horse in this race.

I also think that arfonsky isn't a jinx for actors because of this:

Ellen: Ellen was a possible 2nd place, but Julia was such a sure-thing, that she really had no shot...

Marisa: It was an unpredictable category that year, but in the end it narrowed down to Cruz, and Davis. It just didn't feel like Tomei's time.

Micfkey: Well, he had an excellent shot of winning, but Sean Penn was the more-well received film, plus his performance was playing a real person, a big plus, and also a person who was standing up for gay rights, an important issue today.

Natalie might not be as over-due as benning, but she still has payed her dues, plus her film is making more money and has gotten more good reviews then Requiem or The Wrestler. But we'll see soon.

Hey Deanie: We'll see!

dinasztie said...

Don't get me wrong, I predict Natalie. But I think that Bening is a threat. Unfortunately Manville's nomination is really in danger. She does not get nominations from critics.