Thursday, December 23, 2010

Oscar predictions part 2

Now that the critics awards are rolling in, the odds have changed, though we still have no clear frontrunners yet in certain races.

Best Picture: The Scocial Network really has been sweeping these awards, and it will no doubt be a top contender. I haven't seen The King's Speech yet, but I doubt it will win, unless it's AMAZING. Usually, period pieces don't win, unless they're on the level of The English Patient, and this movie doesn't look like it is. But I'll decide when I see it. The Fighter is looking more and more to me like a strong possibility as an upset, but we'll have to wait till the Globes plus the B.F.CA to see.

Best Director: David Fincher , along with The Social Network, have been taking home all the awards, and I have a feeling that he could win, but his film does not get Best Picture. But it's still to early to say.

Best Actor: I just checked a precursor chart from an Oscar site that I follow and Collin Firth is in the lead, though James Franco is close behind, and Jesse Einberg in The Social Network as well. I still think Collin will win, but Franco is a serious threat. His performance got great word of mouth, plus he's an actor who's been very active these past couple years. Einberg is probably too young, though I still haven't seen the movie.

Best Actress: Natalie Portman's chances are increasing, but I'm afraid that Benning is still a threat, given her overdue status, and also if Sandra Bullock could build momentum out of nowwhere last year, anyone could. Lawrence will be nominated, probably, but I doubt she can win, though I still haven't seen her, UGH! I have it in my living room, but still haven't watched it. Nicole Kidman is a solid bet, but her chances of winning are very slim, though the role is quite interesting. I just read the play last week, and it was really good, though a bit bare. I wonder how they'll adapt to film. As for the last slot, I'm still unsure about. Neither Swank or Berry are going to make it, I think they're SAG/GLOBE nominations were just star-power. I'm going to say MIchelle Williams will get it for Blue Valentine . She's a hardworking actress, and the film looks wonderful.

Best Supporting Actor: Christian Bale will get nominated for The Fighter and he'll probably win too. Geoffrey Rush (The KIng's Speech) and Andrew Garfiel (The Social Network) will also get nominated, I think.

Best Supporting Actress: HBC, and the two Fighter ladies are in, but the other two slots are mysteries. I'll say Mila Kunis, (Black Swan) and Hailee Steinfelt will get in.

What are your thoughts? Have you seen any Oscar movies lately?


Anonymous said...

Maybe I'm just so far behind this year, but I still don't have any predictions lol.

joe burns said...

Ha ha, really? It's not that hard, just look at the precursors. But see Black Swan soon!

I'm seeing Winter's Bone soon and maybe The Social Network..

dinasztie said...

I said everything about BSActress to you on my blog, so I won't repeat. I have a feeling that it's going to be Adams. She's winning the Globe, I'm sure. Still, Leo is the front-runner. Also, I have a feeling that Steinfeld will be nommed in lead eventually as a surprise 5th spot (4 noms are locked but who's the 5th). Jacki Weaver is a serious dark horse threat and if there's anyone who could cause an upset if The Fighter ladies split votes, it's Jacki. For her, the nomination is the harder part.

Best Actor: Colin Firth for sure.
Best Supp Actor: Bale. Locked and that's it.

Best Actress: I'm hoping it's Natalie, but I just feel that it's gonna be Annette. I guess I'm going to hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

Director, Picture: Social Network. That's it. I like it much better now as I rewatched it and it would even be deserving if it wasn't nominated along with Black Swan, my favorite movie of the year along with City Island.

joe burns said...

I think Weaver has a chance, but there's no shot of Steinfeld getting into leading. I saw it yesterday, and you'll know my thoughts soon.

I'm really looking forward to The Social Network. I hope it's good.