Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Thoughts on double nominees (Supporting Actress nominees from the same film) Part 2

1994: Jenniffer Tilly in Bullets Over Broadway and Diane Wiest in Bullets Over Broadway. I thought Wiest was good, but I agree with Fritz when he said that she is playing a stock role. Or I mean that at times she came across as an imitation of a diva, like Norma Desmond. But she surpasses this in the end and adds a lot to the film. However, I loved Jennifer Tilly's performance! She was hysterical and is hands down the best thing in Bullets Over Broadway! So, Tilly is my choice so far.
2000: Kate Hudson in Almost Famous and Frances Mcdormand in Almost Famous: Mcdormand was very funny, and touching as well. I loved every moment she was onscreen! Hudson was radiant, very fun to watch, and also adds depth to Penny. I'm going to say Mcdormand.

2001: Helen Mirren in Gosford Park and Maggie Smith in Gosford Park: I just rewatched Gosford Park today and Mirren really impressed me. Very subtle, and layered performance, which is executed perfectly. Smith was very funny, but a bit underwhelming. I didn't mind her character is basically just a snob and that's it, but I wish there was more. Still, I liked her. I think that Mirren is better, but my vote goes to Marisa Tomei in In The Bedroom, followed by Kate Winslet in Iris.
2002: Queen Latifah in Chicago and Catherine Zeta-Jones in Chicago: You should all know about my love for Zeta-Jones and how I think she's one of the best winners. I thought she really nailed it! But I also liked Latifah too. Her role is underwritten, but I felt she made it complete and was a lot of fun. Perhaps if they hadn't edited "Class" out of the final film then she would have gotten more praise.

2006: Adrianna Barraza in Babel and Rinko Kikuchi in Babel: I just did my 2006 ranking, but I'll just go over them again. Kikuchi was superb and Barazza was moving and very earthy.

2008: Amy Adams in Doubt and Viola Davis in Doubt: Sure, Adams played a similar role to her role in Junebug, but I thought she approached her role in Doubt differently and delivered a fantastic performance which was the best in Doubt. Davis was great as well. As I've said before, it's not a cameo but a major part in the film. Both the role and performance enrichen and add depth to the film. And Davis is gutwrenching. So, I felt Adams was superior, but I would have gone with Marisa Tomei in The Wrestler.

2009: Vera Farmiga in Up In The Air and Anna Kendrick in Up In The Air: Now, this is confusing for me. The first time I saw Up In The Air, I thought Farmiga was better and I thought Kendrick was good. But the second time, I was a bit underwhelmed by Farmiga and I really liked Kendrick. Now, looking back on it, Farmiga was great and Kendrick was too. I should see it again, but now Kendrick is ahead of Farmiga. But Monique, of course, is my choice.

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

94: Wiest.
00: Neither. Marcia Gay Harden.
01: Neither. Marisa Tomei.
02: Neither. Julianne Moore.
06: Neither. Abigail Breslin.
08: Davis.
09: Neither. Mo'Nique.

joe burns said...

I really liked Marcia Gay Harden, but I thought Hudson and Mcdorman were better. I know you didn't like Hudson,but what did you think of Mcdormand?

Twister said...

I think Harden was strong, but I just can't love her performance. Maybe its the film or Harris' methody direction , but it's work that I can respect without without completley loving it.

joe burns said...

Then why five stars for her on your 2000 ranking? And I get what you mean.

Burning Reels said...

I would probably nominate three women from Gosford Park!..Emily Watson was rather great too.

joe burns said...

Yeah, Watson was excellent. And she got the best lines in the film, in my opinion. Does Mirren or Smith get your vote in 2001?

Burning Reels said...

Don't make me choose Joe!...i'll say Maggie today, and Helen tomorrow!