Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Thoughts on double nominees (Supporting Actress nominees from the same film) Part 1

I thought I'd make a post like this, because I love double nominees, not only because it means you have to see three films instead of five to see all the nominees (It's an agonizing, if rewarding process seeing all these films), but because both nominees are usually great and it's fun to talk about them, so here it is:

1939: Olivia Dehavilland in Gone With The Wind and Hattie Mcdaniel in Gone With The Wind: Two excellent performances! Dehavilland nails the part of Melanie, making her as sweet as ever, but finding the hard edges in her character. McDaniel brought depth and was wonderful and had great chemistry with the entire cast! My vote goes to Olivia, but Hattie was deserving though!

1941: Patricia Collinge in The Little Foxes and Teresa Wright in The Little Foxes: This is a rare case in which both nominees disappointed me. Wright, to me, was just playing a stock role. I never saw any depth or dimension in it. Collinge was better, but her delivery and her role felt too abrupt.

1945: Eve Arden in Mildred Pierce and Anne Blyth in Mildred Pierce: Arden may have had an underwritten role, but her delivery was brilliant and she added a lot to the movie. Blyth seemed a little too young for the part at first, but she really nailed the character. I'd say Blyth gets my vote in the end.

1950: Celeste Holm in All About Eve and Thelma Ritter in All About Eve: Holm is great! She's somewhat the conscious of All About Eve and is quite good. But I'm going to say that Thelma Ritter was better because she, like Arden, had great delivery, but she also managed to make Birdie three dimensional. But my vote goes to Hope Emerson for Caged though.

1971: Ellen Burstyn in The Last Picture Show and Cloris Leachman in The Last Picture Show: Burstyn is terrific and wonderful to watch! Leachman is very subtle and her last scene! Wow, what a scene! So, I'll say that Leachman is my pick.

1975: Ronee Blakely in Nashville and Lily Tomlin in Nashville: Tomlin underwhelmed me the first time I saw Nashville, but Iwas very impressed by her when I watched her performance on Youtube: Subtle and very strong performance. But Ronee Blakely is my pick, because was so brilliant! You have to see it to believe it. It's so hard to describe her performance. One of the best nominees in this category.

1982: Teri Garr in Tootsie and Jessica Lange in Tootsie: I was disappointed by Lange. I thought she didn't hit her character as well as she could have. Garr, on the other hand, I loved! So funny and I was rooting for her all the way! My choice so far.

1985: Margaret Avery in The Color Purple and Oprah Winfrey in The Color Purple; I thought Avery was quite good, but I can't really remember much though. Winfrey stole every scene she was in and was fun to watch. I guess Avery is still my pick.

1988: Joan Cusack in Working Girl and Signourney Weaver in Working Girl: Weaver added a lot of life to the film, but looking back, it felt kind of like a caricature. Cusack had a nothing role, but was still very fun. I can't say who gets my vote. Could you try to upload Weaver and Cusack's performances on Youtube Sage?

So, that's all for now. Part 2 will be up soon. What do you think of the nominees I've discussed? Your thoughts on them? Any double nominees you want me to see? What do you think of double nominees in general?


Anonymous said...

Ask Twister about uploading the Working Girls.

1939: Hattie.
1941: Neither. Mary Astor.
1945: Ann Blyth.
1950: Neither. Hope Emerson.
1971: Cloris.
1975: Neither. Lee Grant.
1982: Terri Garr.
1985: Neither. Anjelica Huston.
1988: Neither. Geena Davis.

You should see Peyton Place next, with those double nominees.

joe burns said...

Okay, I'll ask him. Or he'll just see what you said, lol. Can you upload Davis? Because I don't want to try to sit through The Accidental Tourist again. I'll try to see Peyton Place! I'm also looking forward to seeing The Song Of Bernadette.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'll get all the winners back up...eventually.

joe burns said...

And do you have a link to Peyton Place?

Anonymous said...


joe burns said...


Burning Reels said...

Nice piece Joe...I think Cusack and Weaver's characters complimented Griffiths so well.

From that list, my favourite combo would have to be the Nashville (a favorite film of mine) and Last Picture Show nominations.

Can you believe, even though I bought it years ago, I have still never seen The Color Purple?!

joe burns said...

Thanks! I think both that both Cusack and Weaver were good, but I should see them again and Frances Mcdormand is my pick right now. I really like Nashville as well. Would Blakely or Tomlin get your vote? And would Burstyn or Leachman get your vote in 1971? And really? Never seen The Color Purple? You should see it!

Twister said...

Really interesting post there, Joe!

I would upload the Working Girl ladies, but they are heavily copyrighted. I tried over the summer, and I found out:(

I too like it when two nomineess are up for the same film; ya kill two birds with one stone!

As for Weaver and Cusack, I was expecting to be crazy for Weaver, but after I was like, "THAT was it?" Very overrated. But Cusack creates a very humane (and essential) characterization. She and Geena still are competing for my pick.

joe burns said...

Thanks! Too bad about Cusack and Weaver, but that's how Youtube is, lol. Yeah, I see what you mean about Weaver. I should probably see their performances again, but I don't feel like watching Working Girl again. But are the Gosford Park girls copyrighted?

Twister said...

I checked YouTube and I'm pretty sure they are. If it wasn't then the whole movie would be on there for sure.

I was thinking about doing a performance review for Mirren or Smith, but I want to do Patty McCormack first.

joe burns said...

Yeah, I know Sage had said that, but it might not have been anymore. Do a review for Mirren after Patty! And did you get my friend request on Youtube? And I'll watch Gosford Park before I post Part 2. Are the Almost Famous girls copyrighted?

Burning Reels said...

Not sure I could choose Joe but I picked those bunch in terms of which pairing I think deserved the nominations most as a double.