Monday, February 28, 2011

Oscar Results: My thoughts

Hmmm, it's over. I'm sad, but it wasn't too exciting of a year, so I'm not as crushed as I am for some. Anyway, I'm fine with The King's Speech winning Best Picture, though I need to see it again, and I'm happy for Portman, and Baale. Leo's swearing was a bit rude, and her speech is phony, but really , is she really that bad of a person for doing it? No. It was weird, but not deserving of all this hate. Anyway,Oscar season is over, but not for us, of course. It'll go on forever. Best Actress 2010 will be finished this week, and a new project may be coming up soon as well, once I take a look at it.


Alex in Movieland said...

even before it became the runner-up for Best Picture, before the PGA, I thought King's Speech was my least favorite of the 10. I thought Helena did a great job in creating a small character, the only one I really cared about. And Geoffrey was also quite good.
and I'll admit Colin did a fine job, but I somehow didn't connect with his character, and I didn't really cared about it...

and the whole "building" of the speech... a bit of a cliche.

Anyway, I don't hate it.

dinasztie said...

I love The King's Speech. I didn't like it for the first time, but it was great for the second time.

joe burns said...

Alex: to each his own!

Dinaszttie glad to hear it!