Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Best Actress 2010

The next year I'll be doing a ranking/profile on is this year, 2010, and the nominees are:

Annette Benning in The Kids Are All Right

Nicole KIdman in Rabbit Hole

Jennifer Lawrence in Winters Bone

Natalie Portman in Black Swan

Michelle Williams in Blue Valentine

So who will be my choice? Will they lineup with the winner, or the frontrunner? Who are you rooting for?


Louis Morgan said...

This one is a little hard to say who will be your choice, but I will give it a somewhat random guess.

1. Kidman
2. Williams
3. Portman
4. Lawrence
5. Benning

I still have only seen Portman who I still have mixed feelings about.

joe burns said...

We'll see if you're right.

I'm planning on doing Annette first, and Portman maybe third or fourth.

dinasztie said...

I think Nicole or Natalie will win. Maybe Michelle. Definitely NOT Annette or Jennifer.

Alex in Movieland said...

well, i checked your ranking that u left on my blog. :) but maybe Michelle made you change your mind.

great years are always harder to read and rank.

joe burns said...

Dinasztie: We'll see, it's a tough year to predict.

Alex: As of now, that ranking doesn't exist. It's a clean slate.

That is true: 76 was a tough one, since Faye, Sisssy, and Liv were all fantastic, and it was hard deciding on who would win and how I ranked those three.