Sunday, February 6, 2011

Best Actress 1977: The Results

5. Shirley Maclaine in The Turning Point: Shirley Maclaine is excellent at first, but as the movie becomes a mess, her performance weakens and is just okay, sometimes verging on annoying or simply "Shirley Maclaine'' style.

4. Anne Bancroft in The Turning Point: Anne Bancroft's role is really supporting, but she still is able to deliver an excellent performance of an extremely interesting character. The movie might put a stick in her ability to give a great performance, but she makes Emma an incredibly bitchy and interesting character.

3. Marsha Mason in The Goodbye Girl: Marsha Mason delivers a wonderful, very funny performance that brightens up the film and has fantastic chemistry with Richard Dreyfuss. A few flaws, but wonderful all the same.

2. Jane Fonda in Julia: Jane Fonda gives one of her best that I've seen. She adds depth, beauty, and overall greatness to Lillian Hellman and is impressive all the way through.

1. Diane Keaton in Annie Hall: Diane Keaton gives a luminous, funny, completely natural performance that is comic gold. A memorable and perfect comedy performance.

A very good year, but a bit weaker then I expected. Still, Diane is the best, closely followed by Jane. It really could have been either of them, I wouldn't have minded. Marsha was great, though not as quite as good as Fonda and Diane. As for Anne, I think she should have nominated and I think she should have won there too, since the nominees I've seen from Oscar's lineup so far are disappointing, but I';ll have to see the other two to decide for sure. And Shirley wasn't worthy of a nomination, but that's the film's fault. Gosh, The Turning Point was terrible! Anyway, I've already decided on the next year and it's not that big of a surprise what it is. Any guesses?

My ranking of the nominated films:

1. Annie Hall

2. Julia

3. The Goodbye Girl

4. The Turning Point


Louis Morgan said...

Keaton's a fine winner, even though personally I would go with Mason. Next year most likely will be 2010.

joe burns said...


And you're right...

dinasztie said...

I think when I did a ranking of this year, my ranking was the same. Now I've changed my mind a bit. But I'm going to do this year soon. I also think that Bancroft should have WON in supporting. She was actually quite great.

Yes, the next one is 2010. :D

Fritz said...

Yay for Diane! I'm glad you continue with your blog!

joe burns said...

Dinasztie: Cool! Glad you agree about Anne.

Fritz: Thanks!