Monday, May 24, 2010

Best Actress 1969: Maggie Smith in The Prime Of Miss Jean Brodie

Maggie Smith received her second Oscar nomination for playing Jean Brodie in The Prime Of Miss Jean Brodie. M.s Brodie is an eccentric, free thinking teacher who has a great influence on her girls, which results in both and good bad consequences. The film follows these events and the beginning and ending of M.s Brodie's prime.

What an achievement! Maggie Smith is amazing in this film! Every scene is played with sharp wit and she completely is her characte. r perfectly captures M.s Brodie's unique, larger then life style and makes it all fabulous. She makes M.s Brodie a loveable, iconic character that is always interesting. We see her love for her students and her passion for teaching and her chemistry with both her students and her lover (Robert Stephen) is wonderful. Nobody else could have played this role, and better then Smith could. She brilliantly shows M.s Brodie's denial at being having her prime be over, and her own responsibility in a terrible tragedy at the end. In her dramatic moments, Smith plays them with a dynamic fire that never wavers. Maggie Smith easily gives one of the best performances I've ever seen, which gets


Robert said...

I swear I'm going to watch this movie like, SOOON! My piano teacher keeps telling me to watch it, lol, and I absolutely need to. Great write up!

Louis Morgan said...

She probably will be your pick.

joe burns said...

Robert: Watch it! The film is fine, but Smith's performance makes more then worth watching!

Louis Morgan: We'll see VERY soon!

Fritz said...

She's simply fantastic!