Friday, January 22, 2010

SAG predictions

Best Ensemble Cast: An Education and Nine have no chance. Neither does Precious, I don't think. This is between The Hurt Locker and Inglorius Bastards. I could easily see Bastards winning, but I'll give an edge to The Hurt Locker. And I will see it soon by the way.

Best Actor: Jeff Bridges will take this. If he wins, then he's close to a sure thing at the Oscars. I think that this is his competition's last chance.

Best Actress: A race between Streep and Bullock. I could see Streep winning, but I have to say Bullock. Although I hope SIdibe can surprise.

Best Supporting Actor: A slam dunk for Christopher Waltz.

Best Supporting Actress: Monique. I can't see her losing this one.

So, what are your predictions? Do you agree or disagree?


Anonymous said...

I agree with all of them...I hope Precious wins the big one.

joe burns said...

If it does, it could have a chance at Best Picture. Entertainment Weekly actually just predicted it would win. I also hope it does. What made you change your prediction from Streep to Bullock?

Nigel Maruva Chikukwa said...

If Sandra wins oscar night, eyes will go red and blogs will scream in anger.

It's like as if she's not one the more hard-working actress out there. Sure, she does shitty movies to pay the bills...but she's also got films like "Crash" to account for her talent.

joe burns said...

I will see her performance soon. I hope she impresses me.