Friday, January 15, 2010

BFCA results

I didn't see the whole show, but there weren't any surprises except for Best Actress. I wasn't really surprised that there was a tie and that Meryl Streep won, but Sandra Bullock also winning was a big shocker! When her name was announced, they cut to Carey Mulligan and she looked like she was about to cry! Well, she has good reason too. I personally thought she had this one in the bag since she's been sweeping the critics awards and I thought it might mark the end of her winning streak, but this puts a dent in her chances. I mean, a tie and she doesn't even win in a tie? Plus, this confirms a suspicion I was having a few weeks ago. It looks like it could be Sandra Bullock's year. Her buzz has been growing and if she wins the Golden Globe on sunday, she'll be the biggest threat against Meryl Streep. Other then that, pretty predictable. The Hurt Locker, Jeff Bridges, Christopher Waltz, Monique, Kathyrn Bigelow, and Up In The Air and Inglorius Bastards win the screenplay awards. So, what do you think? What did you think of Bullock's win?

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