Sunday, June 13, 2010

Best Actress 1976: Sissy Spacek in Carrie

Sissy Spacek received her first Oscar nomination for playing Carrie White in Carrie. Carrie is an outcast at school, bullied by both the students and the teachers alike. At home, she is harassed and tortured by her fantatically religous mother (Piper Laurie). But soon she discovers that she has special powers and that she can control them and she decides that she wants to fit in with everyone else. When a boy asks her to the prom because his girlfriend asked him too, Carrie is at first skeptical, but then she is very happy about it, but things go horribly wrong at the prom and even worse consequenses are to come. Sissy Spacek delivers a beautifully executed performance in Carrie. She doesn't have a lot of show moments, but instead, subtly makes her character work. She is completely believable as a teenager and the eyes and facial expressions are a big asset, as we see what she is thinking and how she must feel being teased by everyone all the time. Her scenes with Piper Laurie are great as well, even though Laurie gets the showier part, Spacek holds her own against her. She is also entertaining in some scenes, handling the black humor very well. When Carrie starts opening up and being herself, Spacek is truly radiant. Of course I'm talking about the prom scene (Which I watched a little on Youtube before I saw the whole film), and Spacek wonderfully shows Carrie's joy at finally being popular and being happy. I won't spoil what happens afterwards for those who haven't seen it, but Spacek is scary and very convincing towards the end. Sissy Spacek took a simple, real approach to Carrie and the result is an outstanding performance that gets

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