Sunday, June 13, 2010

Best Actress 1976: The Resolution!

5. Talia Shire in Rocky:

Talia Shire gives a bland, nothing performance in which she never tried to expand her character, but instead gave in to the limits of the script.

4. Marie -Chrisine Barrault in Cousin, Cousine:

Although her character is a little too simple, Barrault still gives a subtle, wonderful portrayal that is very enjoyable.

3. Faye Dunaway in Network:

Faye Dunaway is superb as Diana, making her a fascinating, exciting character that never becomes a stereotype.

2. Sissy Spacek in Carrie:

Sissy Spacek gives a low key, beautifully portrayed performance that is simply a marvel. Brilliant work!

1. Liv Ullman in Face To Face:

Although it's never fully explained why Jenny becomes crazy, Liv Ullman doesn't let that bring her down. She gives a devastating, amazingly convincing and realistic performance that never goes over the top.


Fritz said...

Ah, my guess was very close!
Nice work! What's next?

joe burns said...

Thanks! And yes, it was VERY hard to decide who would win, and I'm not sure if this is my final ranking, but I'm fine with this now.

You'll see soon!

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

Hmmmmm. Not sure about ranking, I hate doing that (kudos to you who do) but referring to Shire although I'm no big fan of Rocky I find her performance to be the highpoint of the film. She strikes me as very aware of Adrian's uneasiness and plays it well in relation to her adulation of Rocky. But I know, many hate it.

Louis Morgan said...

A pretty strong year besides Shire. I suspected you would go with Ullman.

joe burns said...

Andrew: To each his own. Did you like her in the Godfather movies?

Louis Morgan: Yes, it was strong year, and I guess you were right!

Anonymous said...

Well you know my feelings :)

I was hoping for a Faye win though, but Liv was incredibly deserving as well!

joe burns said...

I'm sorry! I thought you might be a little disappointed, but it really is a three way tie between Liv, Sissy, and Faye- they were all amazing!

Twister said...

Sissy is my pick so I'm happy she ranked second.