Monday, December 14, 2009

My thoughts on the awards season so far

This year is not as exciting for me as it was last year. There were more films that I wanted to see and a lot more of contenders that were released before December. The only three ''award contender'' films I've seen are A Bright Star, An Education, and Precious. I absolutely hated A Bright Star and I had favorable to mixed feeling about An Education. Let me just get this out of the way: What's the deal with Mulligan? I mean, she was good, and most likely nomination worthy,but Oscar-caliber? No. Despite my opinion, she's the hot favorite right now to win Best Actress. As for Precious, I really liked it. Maybe the fantasy scenes got a bit much at times, but the performances were great and the script was solid. Well, the Golden Globe nominations came out today and it looks like the Best Picture race is a three way race between The Hurt Locker, Precious, and Up In The Air. Nine might be able to gain some steam,but it's gotten mixed reviews so far. The Lovely Bones used to be the frontrunner,but after seeing the trailer I thought it would back fire and it looks like it did,given that has a 43 % on Rotten Tomatoes according an Oscar site that I follow. Best Actor seems to be between Jeff Bridges (Crazy Heart), Morgan Freeman (Invictus), George Clooney (Up In The Air), and Colin Firth (A Single Man). Best Supporting Actor is a total mystery to me and it looks like Monique is dominating the Supporting Actress race. So,tell me,who do you think will win and/or be nominated this year? What are your thoughts on the awards season so far?


Anonymous said...

I think this year will be...interesting, but Mo'Nique is the only one I care for, as of now.

Christoph Waltz (for some reason) will take home supporting actor. I guess the way to win a Supporting Actor Oscar these days is play a psychopath.

And Up In The Air.... this has to be the most overated film of the year.

I still need to see An Education! :) I'm looking for it on the internet now :P

joe burns said...

I will probably see Up In The Air this weekend and I hope to rent Julie And Julia.

Anonymous said...

Monique does not play a psychopath.

Watch the movie before you judge.