Thursday, November 5, 2009

Films I've seen recently

Rewatched films: Driving Miss Daisy: I love this movie and I loved it again when I saw it recently. And although I loved Michelle Pfeiffer inn TFBB, I have to stick with Jessica Tandy as my Best Actress selection. The Piano:Really liked this movie on 2nd viewing. The plot structure could be a little stronger, but it's superbly made and has amazing performances by Hunter and Paquin. The Graduate: A brilliant, classic film. Everything was pitch perfect. Films I saw for the first time: Sense And Sensibility: The story drags at times, but I thought it was really entertaining, with strong performances by Thompson and Winslet. Leaving Las Vegas: Wow. Just wow. What a great film. Brilliant acting by Cage and Shue with top notch writing and directing. Tell me your thoughts on these films!

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