Saturday, September 19, 2009

The 74th Academy Awards

The 74th academy Awards were a major disappointment in my opinion. Sure, I don't remember watching them, but the Academy's choices were terrible. A Beautiful Mind won Best Picture, Ron Howard won Best Director, Halle Berry won Best Actress, Jim Broadbent won Best Supporting Actor, Jennifer Connelly won Best Supporting Actress, and A Beautiful Mind won Best Adapted screenplay. The simple fact that A Beautiful Mind was even nominated for any oscars at all is an absolute travesty. This boring, dumb, uneven, and stupid film is one of the very worst Best Picture winners in HISTORY. As for Jennifer Connelly, she is, in my opinion, the worst winner of the oscar for Best Supporting Actress in HISTORY. Her bland, pathetic, shallow work is incredibly cringe-worthy and the other nominees, especially Tomei and Winslet, were far more award-worthy. Jim Broadbent tried, but couldn't add enough depth to break away from his film's depiction of him as a bumbling baffoon. As for Halle Berry, well, don't even let me start on her. Absolutely AWFUL. The only deserving winner in the top 8 categories was Gosford Park's win for Best Original Screenplay. But tell me readers, what do YOU think of these choices?


Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

Totally agree with you Gosford Park was the only realy win...I don't really mind Berry and Broadbent winning but Jennifer Connelly is my worst SA winner.

joe burns said...

Finally someone agrees with me about Jennifer Connelly! Oh, and I forgot Denzel Washington for Best Actor. I thought he was deserving, although a bit overpraised. A Tom Wilkinson win would have been great too!