Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sad/ Happy news

Hey everyone! As these things usually go nowadays with my blogging, its been over a month since I've posted on here. It's been a repeating pattern for nearly a year, and I've realized you readers deserve explanation. The reasons why I have not been posting are because there were so many things I had to do in the school year, and because I had lost my motivation for blogging. The best Actress profiles simply wore me out. I thought that during the summer I'd be able to be more active, but clearly, I haven't been. The reasons for that are I have part-time summer job (Though it's a thinner excuse then the two other ones, because I would have had more then enough time with it to begin with(, laziness, and most importantly, I'm a singer, and I'm concentrating my energy on that right now , which is why I never had the time or the drive to commit to blogging this summer.

So, I have come to a decision that it's time to shut down this blog. I think that the blog was an amazing experience for me, I loved writing all the posts, coming up with all my ideas. I'd like to thank Andrew, who was the first person who ever commented on one of my posts. I'd also like to thank Sage, who was and is an inspiration for me, who I loved your comments on my work. And Twister, whose is always so nice and enthustatuic about my posts and my opinions. And Louis Morgan, who has always commented on my posts, even when it got to the end. And to Fritz, whose work I abouseletly love, and whose opinions I really respect, although sometimes disagree. And to Dinasztie, whose blog I loved from the start. It's been amazing being a part of our group together. I'll be sad to not posting anything on Oscarfan any more.

I suppose you're all wondering what the good news is. Firstly, I am not deleting my blog from the web. Too much fond memories and hard work are on here, and I know how much fun is to browse old posts (Anyone else agree with me?). So, Oscarfan is not leaving totally. Secondly, and most importantly, I am NOT retiring from the blogger world or leaving the amazing group we have in any sense of the word. Why? Because I've decided to create a new blog. A blog that will be very similiar to this, but very different at the same time. It;ll cover the oscars of course, but I also want to post just plain movie reviews, theatre reviews, articles, rankings, of anything else that'll come to mind. Why not just do this on here? Well, I could do that, but I think creating a new blog will revive my love of blogging, and it will be a new begining instead of just updating on here more frequently. I hope you'll follow me and i promise I'll commit. I don't know what will happen in the school year, but I promise whenever I can, to dedicate myself to that blog.

I'd like to thank everyone who has worked with me and inspired me on this blog, and although this is the end of Oscarfan, it is in no way the end of Joe Burns who will keep blogging with and for you in the blogger world. And expect new updates and posts soon at my new blog, http://oscarfanandmore.blogspot.com/


Fritz said...

Hello! Well, I think the whole post is good news - it's a great idea to start a new blog and simply include more themes that interest you because that way you can always find some new topic and keep up your energy! I was also rather tired from my Best Actress reviews that's why I changed to other categories. So, simply do what feels best for you! And I am glad that you will continue with blogging!

Since you keep this blog and I thought that you might want to check the links for you Best Actress profiles. Some of them don't work (like 1969) and it's always fun to browse your blog for old reviews.

So, good luck with your new start!

Anonymous said...

I hope everything works out for ya!

Louis Morgan said...

Good luck Joe, I hope the new blog suits you well.

joe burns said...

Thanks everyone! And Fritz I noticed that, and I've tried to fix it before, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

dinasztie said...

I wrote a long comment here yesterday but I guess I screwed up something.

I'm saying again: I'm quite sad but I'm also very hopeful that this will turn out to be something great. And thanks for mentioning me. That felt good.

joe burns said...