Saturday, June 11, 2011

Best Supporting Actress Project

As you might have read back in March, I decided to move on from Best Actress for now, and start covering the Best Supporting Actress category. But instead of covering it year by year, I'll instead cover two decades at a time, watching each winner from the decade. Like, if I did the 90's and the 60's first, I start with Diane Wiest in Bullets Over Broadway, and then I'd do Shirley Jones from Elmer Gantry, and then another 90's winner, then another 60's winner, ect, ect. I probably will rank all the performances at the end, probably in single-number sequence, but perhaps not, I'll cross that bridge when I get to it. I'm so sorry for all the delays and empty promises that have been happening for the past nine months! I've just been so busy! It's been a hard year, but a rewarding one, and this summer, I'll make sure to do a lot of activity on here! And 1984 is FINALLY finished! Anyway, I'm extremely excited to begin this project and I hope you are too!

So, the first two decades I'll be covering are the 1980s and the 1940s! Hope you enjoy!

P.s: As for 2010, I think I'll wait until I get plenty of winners under my belt until I start it again, I want to focus on Best Supporting Actress


Anonymous said...

Hope this pans out...

Seems like the supporting category is sneaking closer and closer to me...

Louis Morgan said...

Well I look forward to your reviews Joe.

dinasztie said...

Everybody seems to go for supporting reviews again. Except for me, I don't like supporting actress as much as I should. I prefer lead actress and actor. However, supporting actress is waaaaaaay better than supporting actor.

I like the new layout. :)

joe burns said...

Sage: I promise!

And I know! You only have like 5 or 6 more years to go!

Dinaszie: I used to feel the same way, that's why I'm getting into Best Supporting Actress! And i know, Best Supporting Actor is very boring.


Louis: Glad you do!