Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Best Actress 1984

Given how frustrated I am about not posting nearly anything and how slow my Rabbit Hole link is going, I've decided to put Best Actress 2010 on hold until April , and instead start another Best Actress year.

The next Best Actress year (and perhaps final Best Actress year I'll be doing before my B.SA project begin) that I'll be doing a profile/ranking on is 1984 and the nominees were:

Judy Davis in Passage To India

Sally Field in Places Of Heart

Jessica Lange in Country

Vanessa Redgrave in The Bostonians

Sissy Spacek in The River

I chose this year because, like 1994, it is considered extremely weak, but unlike, 1994, none of the nominees are ever really discussed, besides Sally Field, and ocasionally Judy Davis. Anyway, who are you rooting for? What's your ranking/predictions?


Anonymous said...

I assume Davis will probably be your pick...why is the Rabbit Hole links not working? It's out on DVD too, I think.

Louis Morgan said...

I have only seen Field who was indeed fine I thought, although not great.


Rather random this prediction, but it is a strange year with three of the nominees playing extremely similar roles.

joe burns said...

Sage: We'll see,

it just simply is doing the whole "Pause to load" that I hate about watching videos on the internet. I'm happy that you're commenting you're again! I've missed you're thoughts.

Louis: It is strange, but we'll see how the ranking goes.

dinasztie said...

I don't know who will win. Probably Judy. And definitely NOT Field, I remermber you really disliked her.

BTW, where did you get Country?

joe burns said...

It"s avaliable at my library, But I think there could be a link somewhere.

Alex in Movieland said...

I've seen 4/5, never got my hands on Country, though I wasn't that anxious.

I don't remember anything out of the performances, maybe I would go with Judy.

I hated The Bostonians many years ago, so I took it out of my mind.