Saturday, October 30, 2010


Hey everyone! I know it's been a LONG time since I did a real post on here, but since Oscar season is starting up and now I'm getting back into to doing profiles, I've decided to go back doing posts.....

So, here's a few options for what year I should do and next and I want you to pick which one you want me to do:

1. Continue with Best Actor 2004

2. Best Actress 1958

3. Best Actress 1961

4. Best Actress 2007

5. Best Actress 1956


Fritz said...

Hey, glad you're back!

My wish would be Best Actress 1958! (do you know any possiblity to see "Some Came Running"? That's the one performance I miss from that year).

Fritz said...
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Louis Morgan said...

Glad to see you'll be back to posting. I would like to see you continue with your Best Actor.

dinasztie said...

I also think that you should do 1958. You would be the first to do that and that's a great feeling. :)

BTW check out my blog for my next year. I think you will be interested. :-)

augie said...

Happy to see you are back !!!!
I vote for Best Actress 1958.
Thanks for doing this.

Anonymous said...

I vote for Best Actress 1961. Do it! :-) So glad you're back.

joe burns said...

I guess I'll have to put 58, 61, and 2004 in a raffle and see who wins then..

augie said...

I was just a teen in 1958 but I remember seeing all of these performances and was impressed with them all. However I was most impressed with Hayward and cheered
along with my whole family loud and clear when that envelope was opened.
That was the year I started keeping scrape books on the Oscars from newspaper clippings and magazines from all over the USA. `And I can tell you Hayward was heavily favored after winning every pre-Oscar award out there.
Would you please do me a favor ? I am a retired teacher, so would you and all the other Oscar Blogers out there, please do what you were taught and that is proof-read your work before you hand it in(or in this case before you press "send."
I read all of your Blogs and eagerly anticipate the final results of them all. Keep up the good work !!!
Augie6 (not Augie)