Sunday, August 22, 2010

Best Actress 1968: Katharine Hepburn in The Lion In Winter

Katharine Hepburn received her 11th Oscar nomination and won (In a tie with Barbara Streisand) for playing Eleanor of Aqquantine, in The Lion In Winter.

The Lion in Winter is an overall excellent film, though it does get a bit ridiculous in a few scenes. But the acting is superb and Katharine Hepburn is fantastic in it. She shows Eleanor as a cruel and manipulative woman, but who has beaten down by long suffering. Her line delivery is simply fabulous: The script gives her the best, most delicious lines, and Hepburn nails all of them. She also shows all aspects of Eleanor: cruelty, deceitfullness, kindness (Yes, kindness), vulnerability, ect. She is great through out the whole film, but she is especially great during her famous scene in her tower room and the huge argument between her and O'Toole towards the end of the film. She and O'Toole work amazing together, both of them capture/disappear into they're characters so well, and you can really connect with they're relationship.

Katharine Hepburn gives a powerful, beautiful performance, which obviously gets


dinasztie said...

Agreed. She's brilliant and I love her despite the fact that I don't like Hepburn that much. She's a bit overrated IMO. But not this one.

joe burns said...

I haven't seen enough of her films to say if she's overrated or not, but that is what doing these profiles is for, to see more films.