Sunday, November 21, 2010

Random Post

Hey! I'm just going to say that I'm really sorry about the continuing delays. I have a lot of work to do, and until I get on top of that, I'm not sure when my next post will be. I might post Shirley's profile on here today, but I'm not sure. I'm really sorry about this....

Anyway, november is almost over, and Oscar season is heating up. But rather slowly. Nothing is really gaining steam, excdept for The Social Network, which I think is the frontrunner at this point. So far, nothing has really come out near where I live, though Love And Other Drugs is coming out next week, so yay! I'm a fan of Anne Hathaway, so I hope she does a good job. I guess I'll go ahead and make predictions:

Best Picture: The Social Network and The Kings Speech seem to be the ones with the most buzz, though I heard that Pixar is going for Toy Story 3 for the win. I'm just going to predict T.S.N right now.

Best Director: David Fincher seems to be the likely choice, even if it doesn't win. He's overdue, plus it looks like a big visionary acheivement.

Best Actor: The King's Speech cvould easily lose it's Best Picture momentum, but I'm sure that Collin Firth will be nominated, and right now, he's a shoo-in to win. But I've heard that James Franco could be nominated, and I think he could ewnd up a dark-horse.

Best Actress: Annete Benning seems to have a lock on this award, for her performance in The Kids Are All Right. But I don't think that she's a sure winner. Natalie Portman could also win, for her performance in Black Swan. Portman has been an impressive actress since the 90's, and her performance could be the hearet-wrenching, revolutiuonary performance that the academy can throw a win too, though it;'s usually a surprise. I'm also predicting a nomination for Lesley Manville for Another Year, who could be this year's Melissa Leo, unless she's put in Supporting, but I just read Sony Classic's is campaigning for her in lead.

Best Supporting Actor: I read tat Geoffrey Rush is supposed to be the frontrunner, but I don't think he'll win. Gone are the days when one film wins two acting awards. He could though if the competition is weak. Oh, and can someone tell me about the guys in The Social Network and if they are leading or supporting?

Best Supporting Actress: The most exciting race this year, since, unlike last year's Monique, it is wide-open. Helena-Bonham-Carter will probably be nominated, but it could be a really small role. I'll predict double nominations for Amy Adams and Melissa Leo, both being campaigned for The Fighter.

So, what do you think? Who will win? And again, I'm really sorry about the delays.....